Interview mit dem Art Director und Co-Founder

Wir hatten im Rahmen der Veröffentlichung von Kingdom Rush Vengeance die Möglichkeit mit dem Art Director und Co-Founder von Ironhide Studios, Gonzalo Sande, ein kleines Interview zu führen.

Da Ironhide Studios in Uruguay ansässig ist, haben wir das Interview auf Englisch geführt.

Gaming-Szene: Can you say something about yourself and Ironhide Studios at the beginning?

Gonzalo Sande: My name is Gonzalo Sande, I’m one of the co-founders and the art director of the studio. I’ve being drawing since I have memory but I studied Graphic Design because there weren’t any game or animation careers in my country at the time. I enjoyed what I did as a Graphic Designer but I wasn’t passionate about it, and I wanted to work making something that I loved. That’s when I joined Alvaro and Pablo (the other co-founders) almost 9 years ago and we started making games. Just three friends working in a very small room with the dream of making a living from what we loved. With a lot of hard work and thanks to the success of the Kingdom Rush series the company grew slowly but steady and now we are a team of 30 people. Hopefully we can continue making games and keep enjoying what we started so long ago.

Gaming-SzeneHow did the idea come about for players to take control of the monsters?

Gonzalo Sande: The idea was to give the game a radical change. Vez’nan is a key character in the history of Linirea and because of that, we wanted to explore his stance and show through his eyes how he sees the world and what his motivations are. Apart from that, who doesn’t want to play with orcs and goblins? They are as cool as can be!

Gaming-SzeneHow long did you work on the story until you were satisfied with the result?

Gonzalo Sande: The story of the game changed several times. Even though the main idea was very clear, we had to define the motivations behind Vez’nan’s quest for vengeance. There were a lot of discussions along the process, we even had to take some decisions at the very end in order to get the best result possible.

Gaming-SzeneDo you have any plans to expand the Kingdom Rush universe?

Gonzalo Sande: Yes we do 🙂

The Kingdom Rush series has been active for a very long time and we are very happy that it has gathered a huge fan base, so of course we will keep working on it.. Until today there’s a lot of story and lore that will get even bigger with the release of Kingdom Rush Vengeance. We have many plans to continue expanding the universe unfolding new stories and arcs.

Gaming-SzeneHow long will it take the players to reach the end of the game?

Gonzalo Sande: It will depend on the player, if they are veterans in the genre, they should be able to reach the end of the game within 10 hours. If they play each mode besides the main campaign they would have more than 30 hours of playability.​ ​Also, as you can choose between 16 different towers before battle, ​each player will design their own strategy allowing more replayability and personalization and giving them even more hours of rush!

Gaming-SzeneHow big is the team that worked on Kingdom Rush Vengeance?

Gonzalo Sande: The team is conformed by a team leader, a lead game designer and a lead artist. There are also two programmers, three more artists and another game designer.

Gaming-SzeneIs there a stylistic or visual feature in the game that was very important to you? If so, which one? And why is it in the game?

Gonzalo Sande: The art of our games is one of our trademarks, it has its own characteristic style, which is why we take so much care of every detail. We spend a lot of time polishing all visual aspects, from the characters or maps to the user interface. In Kingdom Rush Vengeance we took extra care of all the UI and the world map, its one of the big differences if you compare it with the previous ones. But the most important thing was to give that dark feeling and personality, since you play as the bad guys, without losing the feel and look of a Kingdom Rush game.

Gaming-SzeneIs another part currently being worked on, or is all the energy being invested in the current part?

Gonzalo Sande: We have three different teams working simultaneously at the studio, one for Iron Marines, one for Kingdom Rush Vengeance and another one that’s working on a project we have yet to announce. Every team works exclusively on its own project. At the moment, the KRV team is working on some final details for the release of the game, but once this is done they’ll invest their time into future updates and new content.

Gaming-Szene: Thank you very much for your time and the interview.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance  ist seit dem 22. November 2018 für iOS  und Android erhältlich.

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